Fish and seafood of Kamchatka Krai

Fish and seafood of Kamchatka Krai

The Kamchatka Krai is located in the far east of the Asian part of Russia and, as of today, is one of the few places on the planet minimally affected by human activity.

Seafood from this region has a unique natural flavor that is rarely found in sea creatures raised in artificial farms or caught elsewhere. The reasons for the unique taste are special natural conditions, the composition of seawater, its salinity, and other natural factors.

This is why Kamchatka Krai is famous for its seafood delicacies. Seafood from here is popular among gourmets all around the world.

The most famous premium delicacy is “Kamchatka crab”, also known as “King crab” and “Snow crab”.

Kamchatka fish and red caviar are no less popular, and their product range of which is very wide.

In addition to the classic delicacies, this region also produces original seafood such as octopus, scallops, urchin roe, and many others.

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