Quasicrystal – EN


A new class of material

The DANEN TECH segment presents the innovative product — QUASICRISTALL — a special ingredient in powder form with no analogues. It is used by adding to the composition of lubricants used in friction units of automotive equipment, industrial machines and mechanisms, as well as in everyday life to reduce wear caused by friction. It reduces temperature and noise of a friction pair operating under load. Increases the emergency operability time of machines and mechanisms in case of oil loss and in the “dry” friction mode.


The addition of quasicrystal extends the life of mechanical products, thereby reducing the need for maintenance and thus reducing the maintenance costs for mechanisms.


QUASICRISTALL is also widely used as an additive to paint and varnish materials. Coatings obtained by applying enamels with quasicrystal in their composition become as resistant to atmospheric phenomena, large temperature fluctuations, and the effects of detergents and oils.


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Danen Tech

What are quasicrystals?

Quasicrystals are a new class of materials with unique properties. They were discovered back in 1984.  At present, there is a lot of research being conducted worldwide on the application of quasicrystals in almost all fields of human life. An obstacle to large-scale practical application is the high cost of synthesizing this material.


The peculiarity of our product is that it was developed using a unique technology that made it possible to reduce the cost of producing quasicrystals to a level that makes it possible to use them on an industrial scale.